About us

The beginnings of the Department date back to 1976, when a humanities course: Selected Issues of Contemporary Culture was introduced at technical universities in Poland according to the principle that every university, including technical universities, should take care of comprehensive human development. At that time, in the summer semester 1976/77, the authorities of the Szczecin University of Technology put this subject into three thematic cycles: music, theatre and visual arts.


The activity of the Singing Association of the Academic Choir of the Szczecin University of Technology and the experience of its activists contributed to the creation of the Department of Musical Culture of the Szczecin University of Technology, which was established by the decision of the Ministry of Science and Education of 31 July 1985. One of the main initiators of the establishment and its first director was Prof. Jan Szyrocki (1931-2003). Since 2003, Iwona Charkiewicz, PhD has been performing this function. On 1 January 2009, together with the change of the name of the university, the name of the unit was changed into the Department of Culture.
The Department conducts classes for WPUT students as a part of the course "Selected Issues of Culture" in the following thematic cycles: music, theatre, history and art of Szczecin.

The Department of Culture is an important and permanent point on the cultural map of Szczecin.